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Premix - Pitch blade turbine

Pitch-blade Turbine

Widely used for suspension, dispersion and homogenization processes.

The blades of a propeller agitator taper towards the shaft, reducing centrifugal force and increasing axial flow.

Propeller-type agitators can be used for suspension, dispersion and homogenization processes with low-viscosity products, where it is important to operate at medium and high speeds.

These agitators can be mounted in tanks with rounded or conical bottoms.

premix agitator - Radial Turbine

Paddel Type Agitator

Widely Used for Viscous Materials

This is one of the most common types of agitators, with blades that extend all the way up the tank walls. At  low speed, the horizontal circulation is the main flow, and at high speed, the radial flow is main. This impeller is suitable for low viscosity liquid mixing, uniform, mixing, dissolution, heat transfer or crystallization, or high viscosity under the general flow in the laminar state, the use of multiple large diameter low speed mixing.
Paddle agitators are used to create a uniform laminar flow of liquids.

Premix Agitator - Anchor / Gate / Flocculator Agitator

Anchor, GATE and Flocculator Impeller

Widely used for high viscosity

The anchor impeller is the most economical laminar flow impeller. It is most effective in squatty batches where vertical pumping is not as important as in tall batches. It is low speed impellers which used in processes of mixing and heat transfer of middle, high viscosity medium.
Blend times are somewhat longer than helical ribbon type impellers. It is the easiest high viscosity impeller onto which scrapers can be mounted for very difficult heat transfer applications.
They produce horizontal circulation flow in laminar region. Vortex can be increased near blades when folded or angle blades are selected. Vertical and horizontal blades are optional for widening the mixing range

Helical Ribbon Impeller agitator - Premix Agitator

Helical Ribbon Impeller

Widely used for Highest Viscosity

Helical Ribbon impeller is a kind of low-speed impeller, combines the features of helical ribbon and screw impeller. It is used in processes of mixing and heat transfer of middle, high viscosity medium.
This type of mixer is a slow type agitator, often operated in the laminar flow region, and the liquid is formed along the spiral surface or the upper and lower cycle, which is suitable for the mixing and heat transfer process of medium and high viscosity liquids.

Gas dispersion impeller - Premix Agitator

Gas Dispersion Impellers

Widely used for Gas Dispersion in Liquid

Gas Dispersion Turbine commonly comes with 4 to 8 blades. Also it is knowns as Rushton turbine, concave blade turbine and asymmetric blades. It should not be utilized for solid-liquid mixing applications, as radial flow turbines do not suspend solids for the least power input.
However, in three-phase reactors with both a high gassing duty and solids suspension requirement, the gas dispersion demand is more critical to process success and a Rushton Turbine must be used.

Hydrofoil Impellers -  Premix Agitator

Hydrofoil Impellers

Low power consumption impeller

Developed in the industry as a variant of the similar 4 blade design. The wide blade foil with 3 blades is commonly used for higher viscosity applications in transitional fluid regimes. Also used in some fermentations with small volumes of gas/liquid blending.

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