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Paddle Agitator

Quality You Can Rely On


Solid mixing

Slurry mixing

Bulk chemicals


Specialty chemicals

Biofuels and bio refineries


water and wastewater

food and beverage

Widely used in food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, sorbitol etc. 

It is suitable for low viscosity liquid mixing, uniform, mixing, dissolution, heat transfer or crystallization, or high viscosity under the general flow in the laminar state, the use of multiple large diameter low speed mixing. 

Technical Data:

Paddle Agitator have 2 to 4 blade as per requirement. These extend close to the tank wall and have tip speeds between 80 to 150 meters per minute.

These pushes and rotate the liquid in a laminar flow.

There is no axial or radial mixing.

The width of blade is 1/8th or 1/10th of the agitator diameter.

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