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Pitch-Blade Turbine

Quality You Can Rely On


Widely used in pharmaceuticals industries

Dairy and food processing

Chemicals processing

Suitable for GLR's, ANFD's, can handle Corrosive materials with Glass lining

Bulk chemicals​

Specialty chemicals

Biofuels and bio refineries​

Technical Data:

Propeller/Turbine Agitator have blades ranging from 3 to 6.

These have tip speeds between 200 to 300 meters per minute.

The diameter of impeller is 25% to 60% of tank diameter. For Axial Flow Turbine and Turbo Propeller, the angle of blade varies from 30 degrees (for less viscous liquids) to 60 degrees (for more viscous liquids).

Standard angle is 45 degrees.

Power requirement increases with higher pitch angle. For Flat Blade Turbine, the length of blade is 25% of diameter, and disk diameter is 60% to 70% of the diameter of impeller.

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