Agitator & Mixers for the Mining & Mineral Processing Industries

Premix was born from the harsh demands of the mineral processing industry. Our high-performance mixers are backed by robust design and engineering principles, enabling them to endure your most challenging mining processes.


Effective mixing solutions for mining and mineral processes demand a combination of robust mechanical design, carefully chosen materials of construction, and deep process knowledge. Mining mixers need to be resilient in harsh environments, withstanding demanding applications like ore slurrification, solid-liquid separation in decantation, and attrition scrubbing that involves corrosive chemicals, abrasive minerals, and acidic wastewater byproducts.

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Customized Agitator as per your project

Work with our mining mixer experts to design a heavy-duty mixer for your mining and refining project: from ore leaching, to counter current decantation, to flotation, to conditioning, and attrition scrubbing processes, and more.

Water Treatment Industry

  • Counter Current Decantation
  • Ore Leaching
  • Ore Conditioning
  • Attrition Scrubbers
  • Atmospheric Digestion
  • Absorption & Solvent Extraction Circuits
  • Pressure Oxidation
  • Slurry Make Down

Oil And Gas Industry

  • Reagent & Waste Treatment
  • Lime Neutralization
  • Coagulation
  • Chemical Precipitation
  • Brine Reactors
  • Cyanide Decomposition
  • Primary & Secondary Stage Flocculation
PVDF Coating - Wetted Parts
Rubber Coatings for Impellers